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Yoga in Sydney CBD

A pleasant trip to Sydney in January included two great yoga classes…

I visited Sydney, NSW, with my husband, 20-24 January. I took my trusty i-pad with me to – access yoga i-books, research Sydney yoga venues, and research upcoming trips to Victoria and NSW, and the US.

I often travel with a light weight yoga mat in my luggage. On this occasion I left the mat at home, as I had intended trying out my recently purchased (space saving) Yoga Paws. However, in the rush to leave home, I forgot to pack the Paws (!) A towel on the carpet does not work well as a substitute yoga mat.

In lieu of no mat, no paws, etc, I was very pleased to find that the gym at our accommodation had a yoga class on Wednesday afternoons, and the class was complementary for hotel guests. Big tick for the Intercontinental Hotel.

In the meantime, I had discovered that a nearby gym, Elixr, had a number of regular Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga classes available. I signed up for the Monday 11.30am class. The staff at Elixr were fabulous – welcoming, and helpful. The class was led by a gorgeous girl named Aimee Pedersen (Aimee is also an actor). I enjoyed Aimee’s Hatha Yoga class very much. The class ran for a period of 45 minutes – this included Svanasana. The cost for a casual class was around $27.00. I usually attend 1.5hr classes, for $15.00. But hey, I was in a large city with, I assume, high overheads. And, people seemed to want/need to, get in – do the class – and get out.

12.50pm Wednesday – I reported at the Intercontinental gym where I was introduced to Nicole Mohay, the yoga instructor. Nicole is a petite, fabulous, fit, and passionate yoga instructor. The class was essentially an hour of the Ashtanga Primary Series – a method with which I am familiar. Nicole assisted me in achieving my best thus far, Full Wheel – Urdhva Dhanurasana. Thanks Nicole 🙂 For further details regarding Nicole go to http://www.insightyoga.net.au.

I am accustomed to a more relaxed approach to yoga (and life in general) than that which I encountered in Sydney CBD. It wasn’t bad – it was just different ;o)


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Someone tell me what to do…

After several weeks of home practice I attended a led class. It was refreshing to have someone “tell me what to do”.

Not having to think about what came next allowed me to focus more fully on the asana at hand.

Maybe more attention to being truly in the moment is required (?)


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An unexpected private lesson

Saturday 19 January, 0928hrs I crept up the stairs to The Treehouse Yoga studio http://thetreehouseyoga.com.au/ expecting to be the last student to arrive.

As it turned out, I was the only student to attend class on that occasion. After a short discussion, the instructor, Ben, and I decided to proceed with the “private lesson”. I felt priviledged to have a teacher’s undivided attention. I greatly enjoyed that class, and the opportunity to ask questions, without holding up a whole class of people. At my request Ben “checked” my headstand. He also gave me a back bend I had not tried previously. Many thanks Ben


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Summer yoga at the Hospice of Mother Tara

I am most fortunate, and grateful, to have a Buddhist Centre – The Hospice of Mother Tara – in the town where I live http://www.hmt.org.au/.

Amongst other things, HoMT offers Hatha Yoga classes – these classes are aligned with the school term. They also offer additional summer yoga classes, ie outside of the school term. This year I signed up for classes on 14, 21 and 28 January. I have only managed to attend one of these classes on the 14th of January as I was unavailable, or out of town, for the other two.

One of the teachers is Fran Rowley. I have been attending classes with Fran for 5 years. She is a calm, lovely person. When I return home from travelling, it is a wonderful, peaceful, experience to enter the Gompa and enjoy a class with Fran.


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Making time when you feel there is none

Maintaining my home practice whilst having houseguests for two weeks during January was a good test for me. I am a person who can be somewhat obsessive and it was very good for me to let go and let others make the dinner, do the shopping, etc. Even if for as little as 15 minutes, I would steal away from the visitors and disappear into my yoga space.

The practice enriches all lives – a pebble in the pond.


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Benefits of e-books…

I-books - great travel companions ✈

I-books – great travel companions ✈

When travelling, books – of course – often add a lot of extra weight to already bulging luggage. To reduce this weight/space dilemma, in early January 2013 it was wonderful to purchase several electronic books, ie Light on Life by B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by B.K.S. Iyengar, How to Use Yoga by Mira Mehta, and Essential Yoga by Judy Smith. All now living comfortably and compactly on my i-pad mini.

I love the functionality of the i-books, eg bookmark pages, highlight text, search and define, change font size, and page colour.

I highly recommend this method of buying and utilising books.


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The New Year – Home Practice

Two thousand and thirteen commenced with daily home practice.

The majority of yoga studios/shalas, etc, near my home, close their doors over the Christmas/New Year break. This is a good opportunity to challenge myself to undertake home practice – getting on to the mat is the hardest part – once there, all is well.

I am blessed with space in my home where there is plenty of room to roll out my mat – and easily access props, such as chairs, blankets, straps, blocks, and, books.

My i-pad mini is a great home practice resource that allows me to quickly access items such as a timer (https://insighttimer.com/), asana diagrams and text, suggestions for sequences, Safari, i-books, and invocations from YouTube. For me, the i-pad and yoga are a valuable partnership.

And so the year two thousand and thirteen began for this YogiOnTheMove.


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