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Planes, trains and automobiles – Melbourne, here I come!

imageI am en route to Melbourne… I caught the train yesterday afternoon to Perth. My lovely friend Michele picked me up from the station, and I stayed at her house overnight.

Today I fly to Melbourne where – amongst other things – I am attending a “What is Yoga” lecture and two day Iyengar workshop at Yoga Jivana. The lecturer/workshop leader is Alan Goode, the Director of Yoga Mandir in Canberra.


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Ashtanga/Vinyasa at 0600hrs

003I was awake at 4am on Tuesday, therefore the 6am Ashtanga/vinyasa class at Treehouse Yoga was an attractive option for asana practice. The class of 3 students was led by Chloe, who is a lovely teacher that has recently arrived in Australia from the United Kingdom.

The body is soon fully awake once the practice begins. Both students and teacher had the wobbles in Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (? the moon)

Bringing Ashtanga back into my yoga “mix” is increasing my upper body strength. This bodes well for achieving arm balancing poses, which have previously been not been possible.

This is my second Ashtanga/Vinyasa class with Chloe – on both occasions Chloe has assisted me with my headstand. I have for some time been making headstand at home, however, I keep a wall nearby. I need to find the courage to move away from
the wall…


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Iyengar Yoga in Perth, WA

I had planned to attend an Iyengar class in Perth (2 hours drive from my home) today, however, my car got a flat tyre en route. Whilst “limping” along the freeway at 80km/h in a 110km/h zone with my temporary tyre in place of the flat tyre, I passed a vehicle that was on fire – I gave thanks for having only a flat tyre.

Fortunately, I made it back to my home town in time to go to a lovely Hatha class, led by Fran Rowley, at the Buddhist Centre 🙂

Also, today I received a message from from a friend who will be visiting Perth later this year. She asked for ideas of where she might attend yoga classes during her visit. She was already familiar with a teacher based in Fremantle, named Kale Leaf with whom she has practiced on other occasions.

Following are the suggestions I provided her for Iyengar studios/teachers in Perth.

• Anne Dragon at the North Perth Yoga Room http://members.iinet.net.au/~yoga/
• Yoga West in Shenton Park http://www.yogawestwa.com.au/
• Anne Horsley, in Rossmoyne http://www.yogarossmoyne.com.au/timetable.htm


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Anything Goes at the Treehouse

I attended the 0930hrs “Anything Goes” session at Treehouse Yoga on Saturday. As the name implies the session content is varied – as is the teacher – keeps me on my toes. I enjoy the variety and unpredictability of the class. The session was led by Barbara – sadly (and selfishly, on my part) this was Barbara’s last lesson at the Treehouse, as she is shortly setting off on her own travels 🙂

I love the way that Barbara conducts the practice from a low key, gentle beginning – to crescendo – culminating with a peace filled savasana.

Many thanks Barbara – wishing you safe and happy travels.


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My YogaCats

039I love to observe my cats as they go about their day… grooming, sleeping, stretching, sleeping, leaping, sleeping, greeting, sleeping, eating… I admire their agility, mobility, dexterity, and their capacity to chillax.

Their asana practice is a joy. A cat performing Cat
is (p)awesome

They are rescue cats – did I rescue them, or,
did they rescue me 🙂

I am most grateful that I have been allowed to provide these gorgeous feline friends with a comfortable, loving, home.



Back to basics

As I was not able to attend my usual non-beginners class at the Buddhist Centre on Monday night, I opted to attend a beginners class on Tuesday morning. The teacher was Fran Rowley.

It was a refreshing experience to be taken back to basics. I love to revisit the placement of hands and feet, when to breathe in/out, etc . It was a lovely uncomplicated class – a pleasure.

The class was completed with Fran guiding students through a wonderful savasana and relaxation period. Thanks Fran 🙂


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A delicious mixture

I am presently thoroughly enjoying a varied schedule of yoga practice, ie

Mon – Hatha Yoga at the Bhuddist Centre
Wed – Iyengar method at home
Thu – Ashtanga/Vinyasa at Treehouse Yoga
Sat – Anything goes at Treehouse Yoga

Previously, I have become engrossed – some might say obsessed – in a particular style of yoga, and have literally driven 4+ hours to attend a 1.5 hr class… I developed attachments.

Currently, I have the above mentioned schedule in place and I am finding a delicious mixture of teachers and methods to satiate my yoga cravings.

I am most grateful to have the opportunity to be taught by awesome teachers who are easily within my reach.


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A glimpse of peace in Warrior II

I attended the Anything Goes class at Treehouse Yoga on Saturday 9 February. This class is taken by a different teacher each week, and the content is varied. I enjoy the unpredictability of this class.

We moved in and out of many asana before we going into Virabhadrasana II – as I moved into the pose I experienced a sensation of lightness, perfect balance. It was as if no effort was required to achieve the pose. It was a spiritual moment. Peaceful. Calm. Beautiful. And, then, my mind stepped in and thought “wow, that was amazing”. Interesting to find that moment of peace in the asana of the warrior.

Thanks for a lovely class Kerry.


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Ashtanga/Vinyasa at the Treehouse

I recently attended to two Ashtanga/Vinyasa classes at Treehouse Yoga (31 Jan and 7 Feb). The classes were led by a lovely lady named Emma. Emma encouraged the class to build postures from the ground up, and take note of the subtleties of the practice.

During the January class my practice was shakey at times, eg I chose to abandon Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana due to the wobbles – regrouping in Tadasana got me back on track, and my arms quivered in a number of asana. In retrospect I think it was the challenge of the vinyasa, and my muscles reacting to a different, and more strenuous, practice to that to which I have become accustomed was the reason for my “shakes”.

My attendance at the 7 February class was most enjoyable – I felt more grounded than I had the previous week. A different day – a different experience 🙂

Over all it was a positive experience to revisit the Ashtanga method – I hope to become a regular student in the Thursday evening class.


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