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A glimpse of oneness… a feeling of bliss :)

on March 26, 2013

I wanted to shout out “WOW –  how amazing!

I attended the Ashtanga/Vinyasa class at Treehouse Yoga on the evening of 21 March. At the close of the class Chloe, the instructor, asked students to take a breath in through the nose, then “sigh” the breath out through the mouth. We were to make this in through the nose, out through the mouth breath three times. On occasion one, and two, I noticed the varying sounds and duration of exhalation made by the group.

On the third occasion – without orchestration or direction – it was as if the entire class achieved synchronicity, unison.   It was as if we were all breathing with the same set of lungs – as if the other students were breathing with me in through my nose and we were all generating a unified sigh out through my mouth, and I in and out through their noses and mouths. The experience caught me by surprise.

I wanted to shout out “WOW – how amazing!” No one else appeared to notice, or at least if they did, no one said a word.

It was a blissful, albeit brief experience :)


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2 responses to “A glimpse of oneness… a feeling of bliss :)

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    Sounds like a fantastic moment made even better that you were the only one who noticed ~ it shows how finely tuned you were to the “oneness” of the unified group :-)

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