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Yoga Las Vegas! Yoga paws and marshmallow mats

on April 23, 2013

I have heard it said that the hardest part of asana practise is getting on to the mat – my biggest challenge today was getting the mat to stay still 🙂

20 April 2013 – today I chose to make my asana practice in the gym of my accommodation in Las Vegas.

imageOn this trip I am not travelling with my own yoga mat. The gym has exercise mats, however they are of the thick and spongy variety, as opposed to being thin and sticky. The gym floor is inflexible with a lightly textured, non slip finish.

I brought a set of Yoga Paws (YP) with me – I purchased the YP a few months ago with the idea of using them in lieu of a mat when travelling. I decided to use the YP for the first time today.

Working with the items available to me, I proceeded with the Ashtanga Primary series sequence.

Oh – also, I have woken up with a head cold – or maybe it is an allergic reaction. Whatever it is, I find it difficult to breathe through my nose, so I continue, mouth breathing. And, by the end of Surya Namaskar B, I was able to breathe fully through my nose – yippee 🙂

I started my practice using only the Yoga Paws (YP). As this was first time I had tried them, of course, there were some blatant differences between “naked” hands and feet to partially covered hands and feet. I am going to use them on several more occasions before I give my verdict.

In the interim, a couple of points regarding today’s use of the YP:
– when rolling over toes from Chaturanga to Upward Dog the tops of the feet could not gain purchase – as they would on a mat – and because the fabric tops of YP slipped on the floor. I modified, ie stayed on my toes rather than rolling over to the tops of my feet
– palms and fingers could not make “usual” contact with floor due to bound edge of YP. Of course, hands will not make usual contact because of the cut off glove design of the YP, however the bound edge of the garment takes this to another level

imageI worked through to the end of Surya Namaskar B using the YP. For standing/balancing asana I did use not YP or mat. At Paschimattanasana I moved on to the gym mat. Because of the spongy/elastic properties of the mat, during the first vinyasa, on jumping back into chaturanga then attempting to push through to Urdhva Mukha Svanasana my hands and feet moved in opposing directions. It was like practising on a sheet of marshmallow – LOL 🙂

At that stage I decided to abandon the vinyasa for this practice, and to make a break between each side, and each posture, by making easy cross legs and pushing up off the mat.

It was an interesting and rewarding practice, interlaced with a little humour.

I have heard it said that the hardest part of asana practise is getting on to the mat – my biggest challenge today was getting the mat to stay still 🙂



2 responses to “Yoga Las Vegas! Yoga paws and marshmallow mats

  1. Hi There! It was so great to meet u both during your travels to Bryce Canyon! I think I may have screwed up my website address, the correct one is http://www.exhaleyoga.net. Lets keep in touch. Enjoy your trip!

  2. […] be a lot of fun trying to undertake asana practise on a spongy/stretchy mat. Or, maybe not? Follow this link if you would like to read about my recent experience with such a […]

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