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Yoga in Victoria, Australia – 3 of 3 posts – Hatha Yoga at the Mud Hut Studio, Corop

Last year I was in Victoria, Australia, for several weeks. During that trip I revisited three yoga teachers I had met whilst visiting Victoria in a Feb/March 2013. The third of these teachers was Sue Barlow at Mud Hut Studio in country Victoria.



My second visit to Mud Hut Studio (MH) was made one year after my first visit. As on the first occasion, I attended class with my friend Jo who lives in the general vicinity of the MH. Again, I planned ahead and ensured there was room in the class for me to attend as a casual.

176Since my previous visit Sue has built a new larger studio. The original MH was very cute, however the new space is brighter, bigger, has more storage and changing facilities.

The studio is approached by way of a very generous driveway, and large pavers lead you to the welcoming verandah, and entry to the studio. The studio has large windows along one wall which look out on to a peaceful garden area.

As experienced previously, Sue made me feel very welcome.

It was again lovely to enjoy a class with Sue in the new Mud Hut studio.


Mud Hut Studio is located at:

622 Old Corop Road


VIC 3612

M: 0438 523 415

E: sue @mudhutyoga.com

A casual class cost $18

I encourage readers to check out Sue’s lovely website where you will find additional information on classes, workshops, etc.

Many thanks to Sue and Jo for their hospitality

Om shanti


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Yoga in Victoria, Australia – 2 of 3 posts – Iyengar Method on Phillip Island, and Hatha on Churchill Island

Last year I was in Victoria, Australia, for several weeks. During that trip I revisited three yoga teachers I had met whilst visiting Victoria in a Feb/March 2013, this post tells of time spent with Fiona Rawson, Iyengar teacher and Karen Easton, Hatha teacher.
Hatha with Karen Easton on Churchill Island

It was lovely to make the now familiar drive onto Phillip Island and then cross over by bridge onto the smaller Churchill Island. Highland cattle barely batted an eyelid as I drove past, and pairs of large Cape Barren Geese nibbled at grass and also seemed undaunted by my vehicle passing by.

139On entry into the Heritage Farm building I made payment for the Saturday morning yoga class. The weather was clear so the class was to be held on the grass, as it was on my first visit. I recognised many of the students faces from a year ago. Karen vaguely remembered me and then recalled that I am the lady that blogs about yoga – “Yes – that me!” And, yes, she is happy to lend me a mat. Another yogi – Jane – was handing out purple, white and green ribbons for International Women’s Day.

We rolled out our mats on the grass – wherever we felt like placing our mat was where we lay – no soldier like rows as you would usually find in an indoor studio. The outlook onto the Western Port was as beautiful as I remember.

Under Karen’s direction we moved through a gentle Hatha sequence culminating with Savasana to the sound of local birdsong.

Karen’s contact details:
Landline 03 5956 7751
Mobile 0432 028 655


Iyengar Method with Fiona Rawson on Phillip Island

161It was great to be back on Phillip Island, and I was very happy to once again take a class with Fiona – I love her warm, nurturing style of teaching.

I felt most grateful to be able to find a spot free in the class for a casual attendee such as me.

Jane – whom I had met at Karen’s class – was also at Fiona’s class. Great to see another familiar face.

The inside of Fiona’s studio was the same as the last time I visited, however the area at the rear of the studio had changed. Fiona had installed recycled glass partitions that are etched with various asana (Fiona’s own impressive hand work). The partitions,  grass and garden beds make for a very nice outlook from the studio.


Recycled glass panels define the garden area at the rear of Fiona’s studio

Fiona continues to provide mats, straps, blocks and other props for students use. Wall ropes are in situ, and a wooden tressler is also available.

For details of class schedule and fees please telephone Fiona 03 5956 8786

Studio located at:

74 Ventnor Beach Road

Cowes, Phillip Island

Many thanks to Karen and Fiona

Love and light


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Yoga in Victoria, Australia – 1 of 3 posts – Iyengar Method at Luna Yoga Studio, Fairfield, Melbourne


I found myself making the practice in a Goldilocks fashion,
ie not to strong – not too soft – just right.

182Last year I was in Victoria, Australia, for several weeks. During that trip I revisited three yoga teachers I had met whilst visiting Victoria in a March 2013, and also attended a new yoga venue to which a friend introduced me.

Everyone was very welcoming, and it was wonderful to hear from several of the teachers that they had been “found” because of earlier posts I had written.


Prior to arriving in Victoria, a good, long term, friend who lives in Melbourne, told me that she had signed up for a beginners yoga class at an Iyengar studio – I was excited to hear this news.


Luna Yoga Studio is located in St Paul’s

Upon arrival in Melbourne I arranged to attend a lesson with my friend at the  Luna Yoga Studio. I welcomed the opportunity to attend the first class of the beginners 6 week block of lessons. The room was full of students awaiting instruction from teacher, Graham Gemmell.

Although I have attended many Iyengar lessons it was lovely to attend a beginners class and again hear instructions that I first heard many years ago – to listen to those instructions with a more experienced ear added another dimension to my practice.


I found myself making the practice in a Goldilocks fashion, ie not to strong – not too soft – just right.

Throughout the lesson I could hear an intermittent noise emanating from outside the studio. As I left the building at the end of class I asked my friend if she knew what that “strange noise” had been. I felt somewhat embarrassed when she explained that it was the warning signal for trains (!) I really have become a country mouse.

The Luna Yoga Studio is located at:

St Paul’s
86A Station Street
Fairfield, Vic
Tel: 03 9387 6195
Email: info@lunayoga.com.au

A casual class cost $22.

Mats, blankets, straps, blocks, chairs, and bolsters are provided

Love and light


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