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Pure Iyengar Yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali – 25-30 October 2015

Hey! I’m off to an Iyengar retreat in Bali, Indonesia – which is also the birth place of Yoga Cat.


The retreat is being lead by Vivienne O’Brien who is the co-founder of the Luna Studio in Melbourne, Vic. I’m catching up with two friends at the retreat who attend classes at the Luna Studio.

The retreat is being held in Kumara Sakti, Ubud, Bali.

Looking forward to spending time with good friends, practising yoga twice a day, and enjoying beautiful Bali.

More about this adventure soon…

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Iyengar with Karena at the Byron Yoga Lounge in Byron Bay, New South Wales

21 September 2015

After 5 days of up to 13 hours per day of driving my body was feeling the need to participate in a few hours of lead asana practice.

IMG_2389[1]I found the Byron Yoga Lounge (BYL) online, and also Lara Favelle  my regular teacher in Busselton (WA), recommended BYL.

I attended the Monday morning, 10.00am general class – which is usually taught by Liz Costigan – today Karena was covering for Liz.

Before class, Karena took a few details asked me the “usual” questions, eg any injuries.

There were around 15 students in attendance. Early on in the class we practised vajrasana – this was my first time.  Block between feet, and ankles bound, we sat in vajrasana as we worked through arms as follows – urdhva hastasana, garudasana, and gomukhasana – meanwhile my ankle region felt like it was in a vice (!) (Karena had warned it may be a challenging posture.)  Releasing vajrasana and moving into adho mukha virasana was fabulous – I felt my hips welcome the posture and my butt rested down on my heels a lot more comfortably than usual – thanks vajrasana.

The class soon brought home to me how tired my body and mind was after the days of travelling – I went into sirsasana but quickly decided to change tack and hang in the ropes instead. I also opted to take salamba sarvangasana (on a chair).

Thanks to Karena for a lovely class, and BYL for a lovely practice space


IMG_2387[1]Byron Yoga Lounge
Unit 22b     1A Banksia Drive
Byron Bay, NSW 2481
Tel: 0402 770 441

BYL provides all the “usual props” and equipment you would expect to find in an Iyengar studio.

BYL also offers one class per week in Lennox Heads – check out their website for further details.

Byron Bay was busy – I was not expecting the volume of traffic, or the volume of people. But, it was the school holidays. Though I gathered from signage that traffic was an ongoing issue that locals are keen to address.

Byron has lots of cute shops, and nice cafes/restaurants/bars – a bit like Bali Oz style.

It was lovely to wander around in the evening and enjoy the relaxed feel of Byron. I look forward to visiting Byron again…

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Yoga in the Outback (Part 2)

Bunbury, Western Australia to Kingscliff, Northern New South Wales ... a 48 hour drive

Bunbury, Western Australia to Kingscliff, Northern New South Wales

The Bunbury, WA to Kingscliff, NSW, drive was fabulous. To see – albeit mostly from a moving vehicle – more of this ruggedly beautiful country was a wonderful experience. The changes in flora, fauna, geology, landscape, etc was something special. Doing it all again – but at a more leisurely pace – is on my to do list.

As predicted (in Part 1), time spent getting from A-B each day, did not allow me to attend any asana classes – with one exception, ie Byron Bay (more about that later in a seperate post).

We were on the road 11-13 hours each day. We travelled at a sedate pace, ie 100km/hour, complying with the speed limit when towing a trailer. We only took time out to make stops for fuel, to eat, restrooms, to sleep… oh – and to change a tyre, repair the tyre, buy some tools, and undertake makeshift repairs on the trailer. The trailer door latches failed resulting in the door dragging on the road for several kilometres. A truck driver and his wife (Jim and Janet Crawford) stopped to assist us with the trailer. Our paths crossed several times throughout the journey  – it was great to acknowledge one another with a tiny toot from our van’s horn, and a huge honk from the truck’s air horn.

Our 14m long

Our 14m long “rig”

Fraser Range Station and Caravan Park ...

Fraser Range Station and Caravan Park …

We stopped overnight at – the Fraser Range Station and Caravan Park staying in a 100 year old stone room – complete with stone floor (not conducive to rolling out the yoga mat). This looks like a great place to revisit; Highway One Motel in Ceduna – 24 hour BP service station and food outlet – I was rapt to find barramundi with vegetables on the menu; The Royal Exchange Hotel in Broken Hill – Art Deco in the outback – our room was gorgeous (with plenty of room to roll out my mat), their restaurant excellent – looking forward to a return visit and checking out Broken Hill; Tooraweenah Caravan Park – off the beaten track – population C80. A quiet spot away from the highway to spend the night – check out the local pub, 3 min walk from the caravan park; we stayed at Tallow Beach Motel (which I loved!!) in Suffolk Park (near Byron Bay) for two nights to recharge our batteries after the full on driving days. The shame was we usually arrived at our overnight stop in the dark, and departed the next morning around 6.30am – hence, seeing little of the chosen stopover apart from the inside of our eyelids.

We left home laden with water, dates, nuts, fruit, licorice tea, and cereal. It was my goal to eat as healthily as possible whilst on the road – and I am happy to say that goal was achieved.

My luggage contained my mat, a strap, two blocks and the sequence prepared for me by Lara Favelle.

Whilst in the passenger seat I undertook some ca-yo (car yoga).  I was glad to break up the long hours of sitting with a little asana practice – not an ideal environment however I was able to achieve sukhasana, baddha konasana, swastikasana, padmasana, eka hasta bujasanana (the seat and dashboard height were made for this posture), garudasana arms, and malasana. When we stopped the vehicle – where possible – I would do some standing postures making use of available seats, poles, etc.

Following are details of outback yoga venues (on our chosen route), however I was not able to attend.

Norseman, WA – Olenna Korczynskyj takes classes at 4.30 pm on a Wednesday (restorative) and 11am on Sunday (vinyasa flow) at the Railway Motel, 106 Roberts Street, Norseman WA 6443  Tel: 08 90390003 Mob: 0458 995 899 – Therese Wade, Railway Motel Manager

Ceduna, SA  Sandy Taylor Mob: 0427 097 584. 6 students/class. Please phone Sandy in advance to check if she has space in a class. Private tuition by appointment.

Gunnedah, NSW –  The Wellness Centre  IMG_2229[1]

203 Conadilly St, Gunnedah, NSW 2380
Tel: 0427422682

After 6 days on the road we arrived at Kingscliff in Northern New South Wales. A great adventure – I look forward to making a similar trip in the future.



We saw kangaroos and emus but no camels. Also, spotted a beautiful Major Mitchell, wedge tail eagle, snake, lizard, goats, and sheep.

We noticed many cairn on the roadside - particularly in WA

We noticed many cairn on the roadside – particularly in WA…

The first time we saw a red/yellow/white heart painted on the road was on the Eyre Highway (WA)...

The first time we saw a red/yellow/white heart painted on the road was on the Eyre Highway (WA)…

We noticed another heart painted on the road near our accommodation near Tallow Beach. Can anyone shed light on what there are about?

We noticed another heart painted on the road near our accommodation near Tallow Beach. Can anyone shed light on what these are about?

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